polished off

granulesInspired by March Madness, spring breakers and the forever ongoing and never ending polar vortex, I decided to share my obsession for Deborah Burnes Blemish Perfecting Granules.  A facial salt scrub reminding me of sunnier, umbrella drink inspired destinations.  Actually not at all, the only thing they have in common is salt.  Salt in my hair, salt in my mouth, salt on my face.  Where was I?

OK.  So realistically if I am preparing for a big night out, lets say date night with the main squeeze, I bust out my perfecting granules.  Why you ask, well let me inform you.  It’s because my granules make my skin softer than a baby’s tush, zap zits and leave a post Nicolas Ghesquière LV debut sort of glow.  Perfecting granules are a BNO necessity.  The main squeeze even once commented that my face looked extra clean, did I do something different?  Inside I did my happy dance and took his complement for what it was, a complement, plus he noticed!!!  Further proof the granules truly work.  After scrubbing the hell out of my face with this pacific sea salt wonder, I am reaping the benefits for all the world to see.  Or at least for me and the squeeze.

 So just a warning between us gals, this process is strangely addictive, not to mention beneficial.

Any secret remedies behind your shower curtain? Spill your granules below.   


sumbody got a hold on me

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 7.50.34 PM_edited-1It’s true, for a good four years running I have been hopelessly obsessed with SUMBODY skincare.  The only person I have to thank is Deborah Burnes herself.  My initial consult with her was surreal, for the first time in my life I felt someone truly understood my skin and knew what to do with it! How many times can you say that about anything in life.

When we would meet again a couple years later, Deborah confessed she remembers clients by skin rather than by name and requoted that “my skin looked years younger than my actual age.”  If thats not the ultimate complement (gentlemen, take note-tread lightly), Sumbody smack me back to reality.  Moving along, Deborah payed attention and frankly just knew how to help me, so in one day my entire skincare regimen changed.  I will admit I was hesitant, but said to hell with it all, since nothing had actually benefited me in any way up to that point in my life what exactly was I holding onto?  I let go of my inhibitions and went spiralling into Sumbody oblivion, or at least went home with a bag full of goodies.  And let me tell you, NO REGRETS.  Sumbody for the win.  #amazeballs.  Enough? I think so.  You get the point.  The only thing I wish I had done differently is met Deborah sooner,  but thankfully she is in my life now and that’s all that matters.  Plus there’s no use crying over spilled rebel serum.  Or is there?

But in all seriousness, Deborah Burnes is a true skincare guru and anyone should be so lucky to have her poke, prod and pull their skin into perfection.  Now, whats your skincare dream team?  Tell me, tell me, tell me.


Several weeks ago WHOWHATWEAR informed me peplum is so over, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphriess over.  Could it be? Or am I being misguided.  Should I be rebellious and conquer this post trend era alone?  Maybe I will lead the masses into embracing peplum as a wardrobe staple.  Surely some of you will follow in my footsteps.  Next, only naturally, I googled, searching for clues regarding my misfortune.  Could MSGM, Clover Canyon and Alexander Wang be misleading me.  Is this a trick, all a part of a master plan for me to commit fashion suicide.  So maybe I am slightly over reacting, it’s my blog and I’ll freak out if I want to.  So this spring I shall set forth and don the one peplum top I own, because I am not quite ready to part with it.  After all, press is press is press, Miley Cyrus taught me that.  And in the scope of reinvention and transformation I shall call it a “flared waist” and go on my merry way.  Thoughts, comments, concerns for my safety?  Write them down below.

Images via Vogue.

drunk in love

drunk-in-loveAside from being “drunk in love” with YONCE’S new album, I am also guilty of being drunk in love with a number of items lately.  You could say that I am unable to see myself living without these things; in the foreseeable future nonetheless.  I can see these words forever haunting me, but in all seriousness a number of goodies have made the cut several years running.  How’s that for devoted.  So here goes, I present to you the items most near and dear to my heart.

1.  sumbody rebel serum – because it leaves my skin “flawless.”

2.  jojoba oil – I could honestly bath in this stuff.

3.  the republic of tea earl greyer – my morning fix.

4.  sara happ the lip slip – is my one and only.

5.  frye motorcycle boots – should I not be sleeping in them?

6.  parajumpers jacket – gone parajumping my ass.

7.  jin soon audacity – pretty in no way hurts, who thought of that anyways.

So there you have it, a peak into my soul if you will. Now get to stocking, I promise you your life will never be the same!

you’re my obsession

Tata-HarperI personally don’t go anywhere without my tata’s and no woman out there should either!  TATA HARPER is the latest addition to my skincare regimen and I am not swayed easily.  My skin is oily, combination, sensitive, dry and I really could go on, but I feel it has finally met its match.  After being persuaded at my favourite beauty spot to do a mini facial, I was sent packing with samples galore.  The verdicts.  Every female should implement the “resurfacing mask” into their schedule.  I generally don’t have the time or patience for face masks, but this all natural concoction is ready and simple to use.  WARNING: glowing skin is a known side effect.  The “regenerating cleanser” is a god send.  Not overly aggressive, tiny exfoliating apricot kernels get the job done.  The result? Heavenly soft skin.  But the true life altering inception into my daily routine has been the “rebuilding moisturizer.”  I cannot begin to tell you all the things it has done for my skin.  It is hydrated and balanced and downright ecstatic!  All the things a product claims it will do actually translate into reality.  And lets be frank, products that deliver are very rare to find, just like that gorgeous pair of stilettos that won’t have you regretting every last step of the night.



As RiRi so eloquently put it, “I live with the monster that’s under my bed,” except this one happens to be in my bag.  The FENDI peek-a-boo, might actually entice scare you into making the splurge.  This iconic hand bag takes centre stage time and again, always a crowd pleaser, true show off at heart.  Had Sex and the City still been going strong, Carrie would have surely donned this statement bag with her tousled hair, sky high stilettos and maybe even the morning after with one of Big’s crisp button-ups.  Congratulations FENDI, you have done it again.

red all about it


Over the last few seasons red has been creeping up on us.  Once again, it seems to be the pop color of the moment.  At heart, red is an attention seeker, longing to be complemented.  Be bold and add a statement bag or shoe, be daring and do a complete head to toe look.  I have always been weary of red myself.  Until that is, I purchased my ALEXANDER WANG prism tote in cayenne.  We have been inseparable ever since.  Where she goes I go and she goes with everything; winter, summer, spring or fall.  Yes, I gender specified and she’s got bite.  Red has transcended its lipservice days, and turned to womanizing its own kind.  So as an ode to the holidays and all things red hot, here are a few things to set your hearts on fire.

1.  l’agent briefs

2.  jenni kayne flats

3.  opening ceremony OC NY bag

4.  current/elliot leather leggings

5.  lisa marie fernandez bikini

6.  preen by thornton bregazzi blazer

7.  nicholas kirkwood pumps

sweater weather


That time of year to get cozy, whether with hot chocolate, your boyfriend, or a cozy sweater, or maybe even your boyfriends sweater.  This year is all about pattern and texture.  A classic cable knit is always a timeless choice and if you choose to live dangerously there are plenty of gorgeous options.  Complete the look with a hat or scarf on an exceptionally chilly day, or brave the elements and let your sweater do the talking.

1.  isabel marant color-block sweater

2.  chan luu ombre scarf

3.  stella mccartney plaid sweater

4.  rag & bone cable knit sweater

5.  mulberry angora beret

6.  agnelle leather gloves

7.  rag & bone x hunter boots

8.  no. 21 sweater 

of mice and men


The perfect suit.  The perfect man.  One easily complements the other and straying is strongly discouraged once you find what works for you.  But how does one choose an ideal candidate?  Coming in all shapes and sizes, it truly depends on fit and feel.  Tailoring comes with the territory.  A stitch here, a snip there, all in the name of perfection.  Luckily once you find a match, it’s like the perfect handbag, it will be by your side for years to come and maybe even for a lifetime.  

1.  canali blue wool suit

2.  canali tie

3.  corgi socks

4.   valentino belt

5.  campanile derby shoes

6.   etro velvet jacket

7.  salvatore ferragamo pocket square

8.  thom browne tie

9.  j.crew tie clip

10.  bally shoes

11.  canali jacket  

12.  pantherella socks  

13.  j.crew belt


dress me


Spring is finally around the corner, so lets put away the winter gear and show off a little leg.  The perfect combination of edgy, fun and sexy, for a girls night out on the town.  Whether you are on the prowl, or simply out for a good time, you are bound to get more than one double take in this ensemble.  Women will be green with envy (no ode to St. Patty’s day there), men will gravitate towards you and the rest is history.  Ok, maybe I am getting away from myself, but why not?  Such a fabulous entourage deserves the utmost attention, so grab your cocktail and go forth to dance the night away.

1.  belstaff newport jacket

2.  isabel marant tali dress

3.  j.crew necklace

4.  kotur clutch

5.  tiffany & co ring

6.  saint laurent ankle booties